As a horticulturist, I am surprised – as you might be – that I have not painted more flowers. This will by my New Year’s Resolution for the coming year. Petals to me are similar to hair, feathers, fins and fur creating the unique texture with the use of vibrant color of the oil medium, brush or pastel to express the correct depth, form and gesture. With a well load brush, magic happens!

My undergraduate degree is from The University of Rhode Island in Landscape Architecture/Environmental Sciences. My love of the plant kingdom extends far beyond then. The first plant that I grew was a potato! I couldn’t believe how great it tasted after I dug them up as a child after just placing one eye in the soil.

Now, I have designed and planted many gardens, used Essential oils, tinctures and herbs for healing and culinary purposes and enjoyed wonderful walks and views of the plant world in many different countries. I can’t imagine a world without them!

The plant world continually amazes me! After attending the last International Herbal Symposium 2013, at Wheaton College, I found out we are still finding new ways how special they are to all life and closely we are one.