Order Works

Custom Portraiture is matching an Artist’s color rendering, style and flare with the innate characteristics of the subject. There are times when I prefer to leave the background obscure. This enables the subject of the painting to be the main attraction.  When painting in oil pastel or oil painting for a commissioned portrait, I prefer working from both a good photograph and a private sitting if possible. Of course, there are times when a sitting is not possible when the painting is a special surprise for a special person or a very active furry friend. When you are looking for that perfect picture to have refined into a painting there are a few things to look for:

*such as a highly pixelated/sharp image

*the unique character of the subject

* and a well lit environment.

I hope these thoughts help you decide  and find the right occasion to make it happen. Feel free to call or email and we can figure out how to make it special.